Amanda Nunes vs Germaine de Randamie UFC 245 Preview

Don't sleep on Amanda Nunes' next challenger, Germaine “The Iron Lady” de Randamie.


We look at Germaine de Randamie’s best chance at women's bantamweight title bout upset against Amanda Nunes at UFC 245.

Quite frankly, there’s no reason to think the UFC’s dual division champion Amanda Nunes is going to lose any time soon.

The women’s bantam and featherweight champ has 18 wins - 13 by knockout and three by submission. She’s on a nine-fight win streak that includes six wins in world title fights, and that includes six victories over former, current, or future champs.

She stopped Miesha Tate in round one, Cris Cyborg in one, Holly Holm in one and Ronda Rousey in one. It’s no overstatement to say Nunes could be the best female fighter the world has ever known, but the world seems to be sleeping on her next challenger: the former featherweight champ Germaine de Randamie.

No one seems to be giving the Iron Lady from the Netherlands a chance. And that seems ridiculous.

De Randamie started her combat career as an undefeated 46 and 0, 10-time world Muay Thai champ with 30 knockouts to her name. As a professional MMA fighter, her record of nine and three might seem slim, but she hasn’t lost in six years and she was the featherweight champion.

She claimed that title beating the former bantamweight champ Holly Holm in a five-round war full of controversy, but it’s that controversy which could be the key for the Nunes fight.

While Germaine was wobbled twice she never stopped coming and left the cage with the belt and looking relatively unscathed. Holm on the other hand... not so much. In no small part due to some heavy shots after the bell in rounds two and three - as Holm pointed out post-fight:

Some of her best shots of the night were after the bell. I don't know how the judges saw that. If they see that as points for her then, what can you do?

She hit hard shots after the bell. They were the hardest shots I felt in the whole, entire fight.

It may sound bad, but those late hits could make all the difference.

While Nunes is more experienced, has more wins, and more stoppages over bigger names, De Randamie has the height advantage, she has far more standup experience, and if she’s willing to play dirty anything can happen.

Nunes has survived big hitters, expert wrestlers, elite submission specialists, and sublime counter strikers. But no one has tried playing dirty, and if de Randamie can get away with it, again, Nunes might finally find herself on the end of an upset.