The Very Best Of Deontay Wilder Quotes

The Bronze Bomber really is one of the best talkers in the business.


Deontay Wilder is one of the hardest hitting champs in history, but he’s also one of the hardest hitting talkers. Check out these badass bites from the Bronze Bomber.

Enjoy, enjoy this! Enjoy it. Because it's going to be a massacre. I can't wait.

They're running from me. They're all scared of me. I'm the only heavyweight in the division with one knockout power.

Somebody will die in that ring come November the 4th, I promise.

I put him in the hospital for several days and this time he's gonna stay there.

That's what people know me by, that's what I'm famous for, knocking people out.

The ambulance better be ready, the medical teams better be ready, the referee better be ready, they better have that towel ready to throw it in because every blow is going to mean something, this is death.

I've shown you that over and over and over again.

I beat him within an inch of his life the first time, this time I'm going to end his life.

He's never faced a guy that just really wants to rip his head off. And I do mean, really want to put him down.

You want to see somebody's brain get knocked out of their head and I'm literally trying to do that, I'm trying to give you something that you ain't never seen before.

These guys have to be perfect for twelve rounds, I only have to be perfect for two seconds and in the blink of an eye: bam, baby, goodnight! So, I can't wait guys. You're in for a treat. This is going to be an amazing card, an amazing fight and I can't wait, baby. Boom squad!

I expect him to make some funeral arrangements because it's going to be crazy. I can't wait. Oh my god.

It’s not just his fists he throws with bad intentions, and how can the fight fans not like that?