The Very Best Of Tyson Fury Quotes

No-one can talk to press like the Gypsy King.


The Gypsy King bows before no man because the Gypsy King doesn’t care what you or anyone else thinks. It’s part of what makes Tyson Fury so intriguing.

"I don't really care, it's not important to me all that stuff...people liking you, not liking you, respecting you or hating you. It doesn't make a difference to me.”

"I think he's dead right, ARGHHHH. I think he's right. I am definitely a psychopath and I hope he knows that.”

"I'll have to show you what an athlete looks like. This is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. There you go takes off t-shirt. Does that look like a fighter's body? Clearly not. Do I give a f***? No. Have a look."

“I recently had a penis extension and that's gone to plan."

"I told them that my boxing ability was too much for any of them. But they don't listen, so I end up with all the belts and being the number one fighter on the planet.”

The Lineal Heavyweight champ is the most entertaining man in boxing, but Tyson Fury has always had an undercurrent of anger.

"The David Haye question? He's a f***ing bitch pussy. He wouldn't fight Tyson Fury. ”

“I’m interested in breaking your face in.”

"You might go down as a hall of fame fighter, but you're a hall of dogs*** fighter in my eyes.”

"I think he was at home crying to his wife, how did I lose to a fat man?”

"Eddie Hearn is a muppet and so is his little puppet Joshua, who's afraid and a chicken to fight people”

"If I can't beat Francesco Pianeta I am going nowhere."

"Unfortunate for Tom Schwarz, I'm going to have to break his jaw, break his ribs, and leave him in Las Vegas in a heap on the floor."

"If a super-champion can't land on a big fat lazy g with a loudmouth, what type of a super-champion is he? He must be a s one.”

"I don't know much about Otto (Wallin) at all, to be fair."

"I've described him many times. He's a big out dosser."

"Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. I'll fight you in your back garden. Like I did Klitschko, I'll beat you, you bum! You're a bum!"

If there’s one thing Tyson Fury is good at, it’s his turn of phrase.

"Good afternoon everybody, I am Tyson Fury. The sexy champion from Great Britain.

"I am going to go out there, smash him to pieces, make Italian sausage out of him. Spicy meatballs."

"I ain't just gonna stand still and let him detonate big punches on me. I am gonna be moving, jibbing and jabbing, feet going, ba ba ba boom, bang, bang, bang! Uppercuts, jabs it will all be going on. Sweet science boxing, that's what I do.”

“I look at him and I just see a man. A skinny little man with two spaghetti arms and two spaghetti legs. And when I bang him on the chin he’s going to do a spaghetti dance.”

"If he wants to land any punches on me, here's the tip. Get a handful of rice and throw it at me if he wants to land anything.”

"It's like a tin of beans, it can't box. But you can throw it at somebody and hurt them like that.”

"All over him like a rash, like a cheap suit."

“If you said good shape, bad shape, fantastic shape, I’m in excellent shape. “

“I see a pretender and I've seen many of them in my life, giving it the big one until they get slapped in the mouth. Give up dosser.”

"He fought an American who came to lie down, who had about as much fight in him as that glass of water, zero.”

quote"He's just another bare bum in the shower who's going to make me a lot of money."

"I've never been as sure as anything in me whole life. As sure as I was this morning putting this suit on and putting me shoes on and having to wash and brush my teeth. That's how sure I'm gonna kick this motherf***er's ass all over the ring."