2020 Smite Pro League Roster Moves

Which SPL teams are looking the goods ahead of Season 7?

A lot is changing in professional level smite for 2020, with several rosters claiming to be superteams the league is looking more competitive than ever.

The Pittsburgh Knights have had a huge roster change during the off-season, picking up the reigning world champions, the former SK Gaming roster and adding in a new jungler, Qvofred, this team looks like it has what it takes to achieve back to back world champion titles.

Sanguine Esports performed admirably at the world championships, qualifying through the placement tournament.

With Rogue Esports now out of the Pro League, Sanguine have stepped up to take their spot and is the only team in the league to not change any members on their roster.

The Perennial second place super team, Team Rival is looking to finally break their curse after three second place finishes in a row at the world championships.

To do this they are shaking up their roster, Arkkyl has stepped away from professional Smite and in his place, former SK Gaming star player Sam4Soccer2 has stepped up to join the team.

The old Renegades roster has found a new home on Spacestation Gaming and are the only European team in the league.

The roster has mostly remained intact, with the exception of Funballer who has stepped down from professional play. In his place enters Vote, a former Pittsburgh Knights star player, regarded as one of the best hunters in the league. Having already won a mid season invitational, this squad has the depth of talent needed to push to the top spots in the league.

Renegades have rebuilt their team around former Spacestation Gaming star Barracuda, who is joined by a mixture of former Splyce and Luminosity players as well as the unknown wildcard, Awesomejake408.

It will be interesting to see if this solo que star will be able to adapt to a professional level of play.

Ghost Gaming is a new addition to the league and looks set to have a monster team on their hands.

Built around the superstar jungler, Adapting, considered to be one of if not the best player to ever touch the game. If this new roster can gel together we may very well have a new dynasty on our hands.

eUnited are returning this season, made up of former Dignitas, Splyce and Luminosity players.

While this team isn’t full of the most technically gifted players in the league, they have all shown synergy with each other in the past and if they can find that again will be a solid roster throughout the season.

Obey Alliance is keeping most of their roster going into this season with the exception of the mid lane and support positions.

Former member of Team Rival, the Romanian Wlfy will join Obey after taking a year away from professional competition as their new mid laner, while former Smite Console World Champion, Inbowned, will join Obey as their new support player.

With so many supposed superteam rosters, the Smite Pro League is shaping up to be an exciting affair.

Catch all the action live when the Smite Pro League begins on March 14.

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