2020 SMITE World Championship Recap

SK Gaming complete a dream run to become Season 6 World Champions.


Smite fans packed into the Georgia World Congress Center for the 2020 Finals of the Smite World Championship - the culmination Smite Season 6, and for the team that wins it all, a chance to join the pantheon of legend and have their name remembered for eternity.

SK Gaming had destroyed the Placement Round to make it to the Finals, defeating two of the best teams in the tournament, Splyce and Renegades along the way.

Team Rival had been the most dominant team across the entire year of Smite, and so far had been undefeated in their run through to the World Championship Finals. This was their third year in a row in the Finals and after coming second the two previous years, Team Rival was itching to secure its first World Championship win.

In Game 1, SK took an early lead, securing first blood and pressing their advantage across the map. Rival rallied and closed the gap, but SK was here to prove their run wasn’t a fluke, demolishing Rival, who until this point had looked like one of the strongest teams in Smite history.

Polar-bear-mike and Fine-Okay were the standout players in Game 2, as Rival bounced back, racking up kills and putting an immense amount of pressure on SK. With no answer to Rival's team composition, SK gaming had no way to protect their titan.

Rival maintained their momentum into Game 3, dominating SK across all points on the map. But when they were just inches away from losing, SK rallied. As Rivals' push was halted, they made the call to sneak back into SK’s base and end the game, but it proved to be a costly mistake, as SK held the base with about 10 per cent health.

SK Gaming was now on tournament point, a single win away from being crowned World Champions and relegating Team Rival to second place for the third year in a row.

For the first 10 minutes of Game 3, both teams remained even, but Rival was too exhausted and made a few questionable decisions that SK capitalised on to take the lead.

Rival was desperate to keep up, but SK had all the momentum on their side, running away with the game just shy of 32 minutes.

SK Gaming ended the regular season in seventh place, and after demolishing the Placement Round has completed the dream run to become the 2020 Smite World Champions.

Congratulations SK Gaming!