Best of 2019: EVO 2019 Dragon Ball FighterZ

We look back on the best of esports in 2019 from EVO 2019 Dragon Ball FighterZ.


The first week of August saw the ultimate ‘fight night’ in the city of Las Vegas. But at this particular event, there was no octagon, no gloves or ring. There were, however, international superstars, a roaring crowd, and the title of champion worth fighting for.

Evolution 2019 invited the world’s most talented fighting game athletes to a super premier competition like no other. Brawling their way through thousands of like-minded players to become idolized in the world of competitive gaming.

The official 2019-20 Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour kicked off at EVO with one of the best fighting game stories of the year.

A fighting game god among men, Japan’s very own Goichi Kishida aka "GO1", rightfully earned his way to the top after entering the final eight to take down hometown rival “B” in a stunning winner's semifinal.

Goichi’s flawless two-game victory saw him advance in the winner's bracket, where he would soon face off against Echo Fox fighting game champion “SonicFox”.

The North America vs Japan showdown was the ultimate fight for a seat in the grand finals and in a two-games-a-side, game five tiebreaker, Goichi narrowly pulled through.

Despite the loss, SonicFox’s Dragon Ball FighterZ EVO story was not over yet. Pitted against last season's World Tour finalist “Fenritti” for a spot in the finals, SonicFox brought his A-game to the losers finals in order to earn a second chance against Goichi.

It was almost over for the Echo Fox fighter until he managed to turn the set back in his favour, defeating Fentritti’s Cell with two fighters still remaining in a game five tiebreaker.

SonicFox was not done with Goichi yet. Excited to be versing him in the EVO 2019 Dragon Ball Fighterz Grand final. Both players took their seats, eager to claim the first Saga event of the season.

A first point on the board for SonicFox, eyes on the prize as he looks to reset the bracket. Full of confidence, the North American player slammed his opponent for a game two victory, flaunting his skill to the excited EVO crowd. Something had to change for Goichi.

Coming back strong to defeat all three of SonicFox’s fighters with G.T Goku, Goichi finally landed his first point on the board. Determined to defeat his Echo Fox rival, he had to keep going. The pressure was on to not let SonicFox reset the bracket and a game four victory was all Goichi needed to bring the EVO grand finals to match point.

The Japenese superstar had to tread carefully in game number five - and he did just that, defeating SonicFox to claim victory and the crown of Dragon Ball FighterZ 2019 EVO champion.

A sensational performance in front of a sea of fans, Goichi claimed the first Saga on the long road to the 2019 Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals.