Blyzes Is Crowned At Hearthstone Masters Tour Arlington

It was an all-French affair at the first major tournament of the 2020 season.


From January 31 to February 2 top tier Hearthstone players from across the world descended upon Texas for the Masters Tour Arlington, the first major tournament of the 2020 season.

The French contingent dominated the tournament, as Blyzes would face his fellow countryman Ayrok in the grand final.

While Blyzes sacrificed his position with his Highlander Mage so that he could accelerate to his late game, Ayrok took a commanding lead with his Control Warrior early in the first game.

Blyzes' gamble paid off when he found immense value from the power of Luna’s Pocket Galaxy giving Ayrok no choice but to tap out of the game.

The second game featured a Control Warrior mirror match that quickly saw Ayrok on the backfoot. Ayrok was forced to reactively clear minions and try to regain tempo, while Blyzes was firmly in the driver's seat, pressing his advantage across the board.

However, Ayroks turn 10 Galakrond play drew the cards he needed to find an opening, which came when Blyzes’ Deathwing created enough minions for Ayrok to have just enough damage to win the game.

As the aggressor, Ayrok took a commanding lead with his Highlander Mage early in the third game, but Blyzes stabilised off the back of multiple Alexstrasza plays generating a ton of high-value Dragons.

Ayrok struggled to hold on as Blyzes was able to constantly keep up a huge board presence. Overwhelmed, Ayrok wasn’t able to find any answers to Blyzes’s massive damage output.

Blyzes gained a huge advantage at the beginning of the fourth game, developing multiple Bad Luck Albatross’ onto the board. These cards are incredibly strong against Highlander as they shuffle duplicate cards into their opponents' deck.

Starved of his ability to activate his Highlander effects, Ayrok was struggling to keep up. A last-minute Arcane Keysmith gave Ayrok a glimmer of hope, but to no avail.

The win earned Blyzes $32,000 and moved him one giant step closer to being awarded a spot in the Hearthstone Grand Masters League.

Congratulations Blyzes!