Dragon Ball FighterZ: Top of the Tier List [November 2019]

Discover what your esport pros are choosing to play.


With many playable characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ, the pros are mixing it up and getting creative with their rosters to ensure they have the edge over their competition.

Base Form Vegeta is a character most players have slept on throughout the latest competitive season on the DBFZ World Tour, but legendary American competitor SonicFox has worked him into his roster and brought Vegeta into the spotlight.

While most people assumed Vegeta should be a team's anchor, SonicFox flipped the script and runs him as the point in his team's lineup. This is because Vegeta is great at generating meter to fuel his other character's special moves.

His special ability, Galaxy Breaker is an amazing choice for either starting or ending a devastating combination of attacks. SonicFox also expertly shows that Vegeta is a great self-sufficient character because he doesn’t rely on assists from his teammates to produce devastating combos.

Adult Gohan is a powerful fighter that has almost everything you could ever want from a character - good damage, pokes, zoning tools and even a reversal that doesn’t require you to spend any of your hard-earned meter. Gohan's biggest downside is that his assists are weak, which means you’ll want to play this character first in your team's lineup.

French DBFZ phenomenon Wawa runs Adult Gohan in the point position, as it allows him to have an even match up against any character his opponent throws at him. This stability gives Wawa options and allows him to build the meter he needs to fuel the other characters in his line up. Because of his versatility in any lineup, Adult Gohan is the perfect character to pick up and add to your DBFZ roster.

Cell, Doctor Gero’s perfect creation, is an all-around devastating character - a dangerous, well-rounded fighter that has a deadly combination of attacks, as well as dashes that allow him to rush down his opponents in an instant.

Cell's strong projectile attacks give him the range he needs to hit his opponents wherever they are. He is a self-sufficient character that can be used anywhere within your team's lineup.

Japanese competitor Fenritti is a master Cell player and uses him in the point position to ensure he starts off a match on the right foot. Cell's main weakness his defence - his large body size makes him a huge target and should your attacks miss, you’ll leave yourself wide open for your opponent's counter.

These three, powerful characters are sure to up your game in Bandai Namco’s hit Dragon Ball FighterZ.