How Wonder Kid Wawa Is Conquering Dragon Ball FighterZ Titans

The French teen is defying age and experience on his way to the top of the DBFZ world.

He’s one of the youngest professional competitors on the Dragon Ball World Tour. His greatest rival is almost twice his age and far more experienced, but that doesn't stop him from showing everyone that he has the skills needed to win the Dragon Ball Fighters World Tour Finals.

Marwan Berthe, known to fans across the world as Wawa, is an 18-year-old Frenchman and one of the greatest competitors on the planet.

After a sensational 2019 playing for the professional organisation AS Monaco, Wawa is Europe's number one ranked player and fourth globally.

He turned heads during the offseason, winning The Mixup in April and following it up with a win at Stunfest in May - so any fans paying close attention were expecting a breakout season from the young French competitor.

In his first event at VSFighting 2019 in Birmingham, Wawa lived up to his high expectations when he defeated the god of Dragon Ball Fighters, Kazunoko. He would continue his run all the way to the winners' bracket finals where he would face his toughest competition so far - the legendary Goichi The Japanese star was too much for Wawa, sending the teen down to the losers' final.

A tense back-and-forth matchup against Fenrich in the lower bracket saw Wawa exit his first World Tour major tournament in a respectable third place.

After a disappointing 13th-place finish at EVO, Wawa went into Celtic Throwdown itching to prove his VSFighting result wasn’t just a fluke. But once again he was destined for another third-place finish.

After coming so close to a major tournament win, Wawa finally broke through on home soil at the Ultimate Fighting Arena, where he defeated fellow French competitor Kayne in the grand finals.

Moving into October, Wawa made the trek to San Juan in Puerto Rico to compete in the largest event in the Carribean, First Attack. While he fought hard, Wawa fell just short of the top eight, finishing in ninth place after his loss to the Japanese professional Tachikawa.

The end of 2019 saw the final two Saga events hosted by Red Bull in quick succession.

The beginning of November saw top tier competitors giving it their all at the Red Bull Spain Saga event. Wawa would make it deep into the tournament but would fall to SonicFox, the third-ranked player on the World Tour standings and eventual tournament champion. He bowed out with a fifth-place finish.

At the end of November, the third and final Saga event of the season took place in Tokyo. Wawa tore through the tournament, defeating everyone he faced until he met Kazunoko in the winners' bracket finals.

The god of the game was itching for revenge after his shock loss earlier in the season. But after starting strongly, Wawa couldn't match the master who completed a comeback to qualify for the grand finals.

Wawa wouldn’t be deterred, defeating Fenrich in the losers bracket finals and earning another match against Kazunoko. He quickly defeated Kazunoko 3 - 1 to reset the bracket. Their final match to determine the tournament champion came down to the wire.

The French teen held his nerve and managed to close it out, taking the final Saga event of 2019.

With such a stellar performance throughout the season, all eyes are on the Wonder Kid to see if he has what it takes to win on Dragon Ball FighterZ's biggest stage when the world tour Finals take place in February.

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