Pro Gaming Picks: Mobile Legends [March 2020]

Discover what your esport pros are choosing to play.


With 92 heroes currently in Moontons smash hit title, Mobile Legends, there is certainly going to be something to perfectly suit your playstyle.

We’re taking a look at what the pros were picking during week 5 of the Indonesian MPL.

Lunox is a highly versatile S tier mage that utilises a dual-energy system which allows her to adapt her playstyle to suit the needs of her team.

Core to her kit is her dual-energy system, when she uses her basic abilities Lunox will generate energy towards Chaos or Order, once she has fully charged her meter she will gain bonuses depending on which element she is attuned to.

When attuned to Order, her ultimate becomes the “Power of Order Brilliance” and will shroud her in a light barrier, dealing damage to nearby enemies and making Lunox immune.

When attuned to Chaos, her ultimate becomes the “Power of Chaos Darkening” and will blink Lunox towards the designated direction, dealing large damage to nearby enemies and for 4 seconds will have no cooldown.

Genflix Aerowolf's Clay is an incredible Lunox player, his ability to read his opponents movements and punish them the moment they are out of position is second to none.

Harith the time traveller is a hypermobile S tier mage, capable of blinking into and out of fights.

Core to his entire kit is Chrono Dash, this ability allows him to blink in the targeted direction shielding Harith and empowering his next basic attack.

His empowered attack also reduces the cooldown of Chrono Dash, allowing him to constantly dash around the battlefield. But when Harith casts his ultimate, Zaman Force is when the fun really begins. The rift on the ground stuns and slows all nearby enemies and should Harith come into contact with the rift while chrono dashing he will significantly reduce the cooldown on all of his other abilities.

Team EVOS’ Wannn is the quintessential carry player, by utilising Harith’s ability to jump around during team fights he was able to carry his team to a game victory in the MPL.

Granger the death chanter is an S tier long-ranged marksman who is a star pick for any teams lineup.

Granger stores 6 bullets within the barrel of his gun, the sixth bullet will always deal critical damage, so make sure that hits your target.

The star of the show is his ultimate ability, Death Sonata, opening up his violin case to reveal a large gun, Granger fires super bullets with each shot which pierce through minions and deal large damage to heroes.

Aura’s Vaanstrong is the perfect role player on a team, he knows he needs to sit back, wait for the enemy to move out of position and then flank them, ensuring his team wins the fight.

These three picks are sure to help you rank up your game in Moonton’s smash-hit title, Mobile Legends Bang Bang.