Pro Gaming Picks: Smash Bros Ultimate [February 2020]

Discover what your esport pros are choosing to play.


With more than 70 fighters to choose from, Nintendo's Smash Brothers Ultimate has a deep roster of unique and interesting characters, with various features, that the pros are utilising to up their game.

We're taking a closer look at three fighters who have featured prominently with the pros.


Zero Suit Samus is a hypermobile character whose speed is her greatest asset. The S-Tier fighter's speed, combined with her ability to leap great distances, allows her to always have several options for recovering back onto the stage.

With the potential to unleash incredible attack combinations, Zero Suit Samus is a very rewarding character for anyone who masters her matchups.

Panda Global’s Marss is the best Zero Suit Samus player on the planet. His ability to read a situation and find the perfect response is second-to-none and it leads to him getting some incredible knockouts in top tier matches. Marss mastered Zero Suit Samus recently at Genesis 7, ascending to a level no one had seen, allowing him to defeat the legendary MKLeo in the grand final.


One of the more polarising characters in the game, Mr Game and Watch is a character that spans multiple generations.

Considered a B-tier fighter, Mr Game and Watch’s greatest strength is his variety of different attacks, giving him the ability to find an answer for almost any situation. Due to the way he is animated, he can be tricky for opponents to accurately read exactly what he is going to do - so bamboozle them and use this to your advantage.

The Mexican pro player Maister is a formidable Mr Game and Watch player. He prefers to take to the air, focusing on keeping his distance, finding creative attack paths and raining bombs upon his opponents. This unique playstyle helped Maister reach a top-six finish at Genesis 7.


One of the original Smash Brothers characters, Pikachu is a mainstay within the franchise.

Pokemon's electrified mouse is considered an S-tier fighter due to his speed, recovery and diverse attacking options. To secure KO’s Pikachu relies on smash attacks, dash attacks and the incredible ability to guard the edge of the stage.

American competitor ESAM is a master at Pikachu. The name of his game is relentless aggression. But ESAM also has incredible control - once he gets the lead he is able to slow the tempo down by sitting back, throwing thunder jolts and forcing opponents to come to him. ESAM’s unparalleled skill with Pikachu saw him finish in the top eight at Genesis 7.

These three pro picks are all great options to help boost your game in competitive Smash Brothers Ultimate.