Pro Gaming Picks: Street Fighter V [February 2020]

Discover what your esport pros are choosing to play.


Street Fighter V is known for having a vast variety of tournament-viable characters. This is something that the professionals have gotten exceptionally good at taking advantage of.

At the 2019 Capcom Cup, everyone in the top four brought an arsenal of characters ensuring that they had options for every matchup. We’re looking at three characters that range from S- to B-tier that can help you up your game.

Cammy is a fast-paced, close-range fighter. While she lacks any projectile abilities, she makes up for it with her speed, which makes her a favoured pick for specific matchups.

Japanese player Mago utilised Cammy as a counter-pick to great effect at the Capcom Cup. Mago focuses on constantly applying pressure onto a larger character, like Birdie, making it so that they are unable to respond due to their slower speed.

His ability to mix up his attacks ensure that his opponents are unlikely to mount a proper defence and crumble to relentless pressure. This counter-pick was instrumental to Mago beating the Japanese player Fuudo, leading through to a fourth-place finish.

Karin, the perfect victor, is a favourite character to many pro players on the Capcom Pro Tour, mostly due to her aggressive tempo-based playstyle that always keeps her opponents guessing.

The American player Punk is the most famous Karin player on the Pro Tour, and as such, his playstyle is a solid example to follow.

Punk employs an aggressive, pressure-focused playstyle. A master at the footsies game, Punk is able to dance in and out of his opponents' range, forcing them to commit to their attack and punishing them the moment they do. He keeps the pressure on opponents through the use of Karin’s deadly speed and precise attacks. Punk is able to break down his opponent’s defences, giving them no option but to get hit.

His immense skill with Karin carried him through to a second-place finish at the 2019 Capcom Cup.

If you’re looking for a rush-down character, then Necalli is definitely a pick that should pique your interest.

Necalli’s damage is monstrous, especially when he has activated his V-Trigger mode, which enhances all of his attributes.

The Norwegian player Phenom was the first player to break Necalli into the professional scene. Phenom’s playstyle is incredibly safe for such an aggressive character. He is happy to sit back and force his opponent to make mistakes, and when they do he strikes, unleashing all of Necalli’s monstrous damage, never giving his opponent a chance to recover.

Phenom’s skill with Necalli carried him to a third-place finish at the 2019 Capcom Cup.

These three pro picks all fared well, so they are sure to help you rank up your game in competitive Street Fighter V.