Rogue Wins Global Starcraft League Code S Championship

The South Korean is a GSL Code S champion for the first time.


Rogue is a Global Starcraft League Code S champion for the first time. And he had to beat a familiar foe to do it.

Facing off in the GSL Season 3 Code S grand final, Rogue came up against fellow Jin Air Green Wings teammate Trap. Widely considered one of the most solid Protoss players in Korea, and runner-up in Season 2, many expected Trap to win.

Regardless of the outcome, Jin Air GreenWings were set to be confirmed the strongest team in competitive Starcraft 2.

Trap opened with a two base Stargate play. This allowed him to harass Rogue and reduce his map vision by killing his overlords. But Rogue adapted to the unique opening play with some cheese of his own.

A quick tech to a Nydus network allowed Rogue to break into Trap's base on multiple fronts. From here, a critical mass of unanswered Queens and Zerglings over-ran Trap's defences.

In round two, Trap opened with a Dark Templar Harass upon Rogue's economy. But this time Rogue was prepared and had an Overseer in position, ready for the Dark Templars. Rogues response once again came in the form of a Nydus Network, but it proved to only be the nail in the coffin after some scouting Zerglings caught Trap unaware and picked off all of his defending sentries.

Trap was up against it now, with game three played in King's Cove. The early focus was on building up economies with Trap once again going with a Dark Templar harass. But this time he was more successful and managed to kill several of Rogue's drones.

Rogue developed a Roach, Ravager, Zergling and Baneling ground composition that saw both players clash in a series of skirmishes throughout the mid game. From there, Rogue's army had morphed into the traditional Broodlord and Infestor composition,that when combined with his now signature Nydus network, allowed Rogue to apply pressure on Trap from multiple fronts with an endless army of Infested Terrans.

In game 4 on Triton LE, Rogue quickly expanded up to three bases, while Trap, facing down a potential 0-4 defeat, risked it all by opening up with a proxied Twilight Council. With many of his buildings proxied near Rogue’s base, Trap initiated an Immortal Adept all-in, that caught Rogue by surprise .But an expert defense with Roaches and Ravagers saw Rogue hold until Trap's all-in, fizzled out.

After years of trying, Rogue finally won his first GSL Code S championship with an impressive 4-0 victory over one of the best Protoss players in the world.

The win earned Rogue $25,000 and sets up him up perfectly for the WCS global finals at the end of October.

With confidence high, Rogue is a serious contender.