Smash Brothers Ultimate: Top of the Tier List [October 2019]

The characters that are dominating the meta.


Smash Brothers Ultimate continues to dominate the FGC in terms of popularity and engages players the world over with its diverse character roster that allows everyone to play the game in a way that best suits them.

Inkling is one of the new characters in Smash Brothers Ultimate who has very fast movement that makes her excellent on offense and defense. Inkling is unique in that she utilises an ink meter as a resource to be spent on her various Splatoon themed moves. Her ink gun is great for quickly multiplying your opponent’s damage percentage as they will take more damage the more ink they are covered in. Panda Globals Cosmos is an expert Inkling player known for his fast combos that extend far beyond the edge of the arena. Cosmos is completely at home in the air, capable of utilising Inkling’s impressive movement to attack from above and below his opponent’s.

The headline character from the very first Smash Brothers title, Mario is a character with balanced attributes across the board. While Mario doesn’t excel in any area he is perfectly capable of handling any situation that arises within a match. Mario has fast attack speed which makes him shine in close-quarters combat and makes it easy for players to chain extended combinations of attacks together. POW Gamings Mastamario (Master Mario) is known to be the best Mario player in North America because of his hyper aggressive playstyle that sees him always try to move toward his opponent. Mastamario’s grab combos are monstrous and when he catches an opponent, they are almost certain to be knocked off the stage moments later.

Captain Olimar, the hero from the Pikmin game series is a character with a below average movement speed that excels at fighting on the platform and keeping his opponents at a distance. Olimar is unique in that he is able to fight with a variety of different pikmin, each with their own unique abilities, that gives him a versatile playstyle and helps him control the tempo of a match. With Olimar’s ability to throw Pikmin, players can safely damage opponents from afar, peppering them with Pikmin that freeze or electrocute in a flurry of attacks that are hard to avoid. The Japanese player Shuton (Shoe-ton) is a master Olimar player, perfectly coordinating his Pikmen throws with Olimar's attacks to create devastating combos that always catch his opponents by surprise. Shuton stands alone in his ability to quickly increase his opponent’s damage percentages to deadly levels by finding ways to edge out extra damage that always allows him to pressure his opponent’s with a quick knockout. Any of these three characters is a great choice to help you rank up in competitive smash brothers ultimate.