Smite World Championship 2019 Placement Round Recap

SK Gaming and Sanguine Esports survive and book their spots at Dreamhack Atlanta 2019.


The Smite World Championship 2019 main event is going down at Dreamhack Atlanta and fans are eagerly awaiting what new tricks their favourite teams are going to employ to stun their opposition.

Team Rival qualified as the number one seed due to their performance throughout the years Pro League competition off the back of consistent play from Pandacat, Captaintwig and Polarbearmike. Splyce took the number two seed right behind Rival after they finished second on the SPL ladder. Star jungler Scream was a stand out player all season for Splyce, securing the highest average kills per game of any player at 5.3.

Digitnas, Pittsburgh Knights, Renegades, and eUnited rounded out the top six teams that qualified directly for the main event.

The final two spots came from the top two teams during the World Championship Placement round. It was five days of intense gruelling Smite action between the bottom 10 teams in the league.

SK Gaming dominated the competition throughout the tournament, defeating all opponents while only dropping three games across four matches. SK would face Simplicity in the bracket finals, the result determining who would advance through to the main event.

SK won the first two games with dominant play, but Simplicity responded taking two marathon games in a row that both clocked in at over 45 minutes. In the final game, SK proved they have the stamina to go all the way, with Belair and Sam-four-soccer-two coming in clutch, racking up six kills each as SK dominated the game with a nearly twenty-five thousand gold lead.

Simplicity dropped down to the lower bracket for a second, and final chance at qualifying for the main event.

After being defeated by SK Gaming in round three, Latin America’s Sanguine Esports fought their way back to face Simplicity in the lower bracket finals, the winner eventually becoming the 8th and final team to advance through to Dreamhack.

Sanguine had a shaky start against Simplicity in game one and fans were feeling nervous for their chances. The team rallied and dismantled Simplicity in three straight dominating games that showcased the brilliance this team hopes to bring to Dreamhack with substitute Haddix stepping up in the do-or-die matchup to prove all the doubters wrong.

A heartbreaking second loss for Simplicity means that they will have to go back to the drawing board and prepare for next year's competition.

So we are now left with eight teams live at the Hi-Rez Expo hosted by Dreamhack Atlanta this weekend, fighting hard to be crowned Smite World Champion 2019.

  1. Team Rival (SPL #1)
  2. Splyce (SPL #2)
  3. Renegades (SPL #3)
  4. Dignitas (SPL #4)
  5. Pittsburgh Knights (SPL #5)
  6. eUnited (SPL #6)
  7. SK Gaming (Placements #1)
  8. Sanguine Esports (Placements #2)