StarCraft 2: Top of the Tier List [November 2019]

Discover what your esport pros are choosing to play.


With Zergs utter dominance over the past several months of competitive Starcraft 2, it has become clear to all Protoss players that if they want to win, they need to get creative.

Classic from South Korea is one of the greatest Protoss players to ever touch the game. He is known for playing unique army compositions that allow him to find creative ways to win the game.

Classic uses misdirection by constructing buildings not related to his intended army composition to force his opponent to respond with the wrong units.

The Adept unit is a favoured opening by Classic, because of their high damage and mobility. With the resonating glaives upgrade, Classic's Adepts become a devastating unit that allows him to contain his opponent within their base. Once contained, Classic has Immortals and Sentries join his Adepts for a final, game-ending attack.

Classic’s unique builds know no limit. Facing a single loss from elimination, Classic employed the risky Cannon Rush opening. The opening, when executed properly, is very difficult to defend and if your Zerg opponent doesn’t respond perfectly they can lose the game right then and there.

With cannons fortified, Classic follows up by producing a robotics facility in the middle of his opponent’s base. This allows him to produce reinforcements exactly where he needs them to be. And with how robust the Immortals are with the support of Shield Batteries, Classic is able to strangle his opponent and force them to surrender.

Another proactive opening Classic likes to employ is rushing to the stealthy Dark Templar. This is a very volatile opening, if your opponent isn’t anticipating it or is slow to respond - you can instantly win the game with your permanently invisible units.

When things don’t go according to plan, Classic is a master at adapting on the fly. With his initial attack halted, instead of reverting to a safe and traditional army composition, Classic doubles down and invests in the Dark Templar blink upgrade, which allows his units to teleport short distances.

New attack paths are unlocked and Classic is able to catch his opponent off guard and quickly destroy key elements of their infrastructure. The brilliance of this strategy is that the Dark Templars can then be merged into Archons and when combined with Immortals create a devastating army to follow up with.

These three creative builds are sure to help you deal with every Zerg you face in your competitive matches.