Street Fighter V: Top of the Tier List [January 2020]

Discover what your esport pros are choosing to play.

Mastering characters at the top of the community tier lists can be invaluable for improving as an aspiring Street Fighter V competitor.

However, middle-tier characters should not be overlooked due to community rankings as most of them bring something unique to the table that could work perfectly for how you want to play the game.

While higher tier characters are played in far greater numbers, B-tier fighters can give you the edge when you leverage your opponent’s inexperience in the matchup and catch them off guard.

Laura, the dance of the searing wind, is a methodical character that shines when you perfectly read opponents' attacks - so learning your matchups is key to success with this fighter.

Laura doesn’t have many combos, but she makes up for this with her high damage output. She is strongest when up close due to her fast light attacks and command grabs, as well as the aforementioned high damage output. To get up into your opponent's face quickly, a crouching medium kick into a bolt charge is all Laura needs to get in close and pulverise the competition.

iDom used this underplayed character to great effect and caught a lot of his opponents off guard when he won the 2019 Capcom Cup.

The air slasher Guile is a character focused on controlling zones throughout the arena. Best at a max range where he can control the tempo of a match, his sonic boom and sonic blade will be your greatest tools to keep your opponent at bay.

Guile has amazing anti-air capabilities with a standing punch, standing medium kick and his special somersault kick. His V-trigger is a strong option which allows Guile to throw out multiple sonic booms in quick succession. The forward throw is another excellent choice for creating space and getting your opponent back to range.

The beast Daigo Umehara has been maining Guile throughout the life of Street Fighter V, a true master at throwing projectiles, Daigo uses them to support his other attacks, pressure his opponents and break their defences.

G, the man of mystery and self-proclaimed “President of the Earth” is an explosive character with powerful mixups and a strong offensive. His unique mechanic, presidential power allows G to store energy from the earth itself, while storing this power his special moves are enhanced, but he’ll lose his power should he be knocked over.

G’s wild president is his crush counter and will be your main ability to initiate combos. His v-triggers give him ample opportunity to come back from behind. And G's impressive offensive abilities make him great at pressuring his opponent up close.

His combos are great at pulverising your opponent across the arena and trapping them into the corner. Smug utilises G’s monstrous offensive capabilities to catch his opponents off guard and pummel them into submission.

These three underutilised B-tier characters will be great options you can use to catch your opponents off guard, so jump in-game and try them out right now!

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