Street Fighter V: Top of the Tier List [November 2019]

Discover what your esport pros are choosing to play.


To be successful at Street Fighter V you need to find - and master - characters and matchups so that you’re never caught unprepared.

Whether you prefer defense or offense - or something in between - Street Fighter V has the perfect character to help you rank up and ensure you always enter the arena with all of your abilities at the ready.

The king of Street Fighter V is Sagat, an overall defensive character able to safely hit opponents from a distance with his long strikes and ki projectiles.

Sagat’s 'Tiger Shot' will be your go-to move to damage your opponent’s from a distance. Make sure you mix it up between throwing the high and low Tiger Shot to always keep your opponent guessing. Opponents who approach from the air are met with Sagat's devastating 'Tiger Uppercut' ability - knocking them back and dealing immense damage in the process. 'Tiger Knee Crush' is another great move for halting your opponent’s advance and closing the distance to ensure you’re in their face to finish off your opponent.

The legendary Japanese player Bonchan finds success with Sagat by always remaining calm and, even when winning, looks to make space and safely throw more Tiger Shots.

The vice president of the Illuminati, Urien is the perfect choice if you want a character that can do it all.

Urien has fast movement speed and incredibly long reach, notably his special move 'Metallic Sphere', makes him a safe character for poking your opponent. Where Urien shines is with his combos - a mix of special abilities he is able to link together for devastatingly long chain-attacks that will either stun your opponent or directly knock them out. One of Uriens most unique abilities is his 'Aegis Reflector', which creates mirrors of energy that reflect opponents projectiles and electrocutes them should they stray to close. This move is great for extending combos as you can summon the mirror behind your opponent and hit them into it.

When he smells blood in the water, the Japanese player Nemo finds an opening to unleash Urien's deadly flurry of attacks to ensure he wins the match.

M.Bison - the emperor of evil - is a deadly character that revolves around frustrating his opponents with devastating attacks and impenetrable defense. Bison’s weakness is that his movement is limited, and players must be precise in everything they do if they want to achieve any success.

Bison uses 'Psycho Energy' to devastate his opponents. 'Psycho Blast' is a short range explosion that deals high damage, and will be your go-to special attack to end combos or counter your opponents offensive.

Bison players should be overly aggressive, always remaining close to their opponents and never giving them a moment to stabilise their game. Peruvian pro Pikoro finds success his the confidence to always attack, understanding exactly how far he can push Bison to safely deal an incredible amount of damage.

These three incredible characters are sure to help you improve your skills at Street Fighter V.