Tekken 7: Top of the Tier List [December 2019]

Discover what your esport pros are choosing to play.


To be successful at Tekken 7 you need to understand not only your character but the match-ups you are likely to face in a competitive tournament.

The hulking robot behemoth Jack 7 is a character that you find at every professional Tekken 7 tournament. Jack 7 is Tekken 101, his style is focused entirely on outmaneuvering your opponent. His long arms are by far his biggest strength and they make his ground game monstrous.

Success with Jack 7 is determined by your ability to read and counter your opponents moves. Jack 7’s biggest weaknesses are his size and speed because he is a hulking mass of metal, he is also a large, slow target and, if you don’t time your inputs carefully, you’re sure to get knocked out of the match.

Anakin is the most famous Jack 7 player because he is a master at controlling space within the arena. His dominant win over Kokoma at the Dreamhack Atlanta finals exemplifies his ability to read his opponents moves and patiently wait for the perfect moment to strike.

The hot-blooded American martial artist Paul, is a great pickup if you want an aggressive character with a strong offence that tries to brute force his way through his competition.

Of course, Paul's biggest strength is his amazing hairstyle, but he also brings with him an arsenal of high damage attacks that are perfect for pulverising your opponent. His punish game is strong, whenever your opponent misses with an attack, Paul has the perfect counter to pound them into the ground. Paul's weakness is that he has low range, which requires him to get up close and personal with his opponents, causing his attacks to always have a high degree of risk.

Kokoma from South Korea is an expert Paul player because of his ability to mix up his attacks and always keep his opponent on their toes. In his match against Genuine Gaming's Saint, Kokoma masterfully kept Saint guessing by mixing up his offence with perfectly timed defence.

Alisa - the teenage android created by Doctor B - is an overall defensive character that deals a high amount of damage with her forearm mounted chainsaws should an opening present itself. She has fast punches that allow her to quickly counter an opponent that misses their attacks. Alisa has incredibly fast side-stepping speed when moving to the left, with good timing a player can dodge their opponents strike and open them up for a devastating counter-attack.

Alisa’s biggest weaknesses are that she is fragile and slow when moving to the right, if your timing is off she can be knocked out incredibly fast.

South Korean player Chanel is a master at controlling space, he is one of the best in the game at reading what his opponent is doing next. This allowed Chanel to capitalise on, and punish, every single mistake Kokoma made during their matchup at Rox-N-Roll Dubai.

Mastering these three characters will go a long way to helping you rank up your abilities in competitive Tekken 7.