The best goals from EU Rocket League Championship Series week 1

Counting down the top 3 goals from Europe's opening week of RLCS Season 9.


Some of the most talented acrobatic rocket-powered battle car drivers reside in Europe.

The opening week of the European Rocket League Championship Series Season 9 featured some jaw dropping displays of teamwork and skill that must be seen to truly be believed.

Watch the video above as we count down the best goals from week one.

#3 Deevo, Barca vs Veloce

Our first pick featured in game one of the Veloce versus Barcelona match.

Deevo sensing he needed to set something up to get Barcelona into the match, put into motion a truly stunning display of team work.

Barcelona went on to win the series 3-2.

#2 Kaydop, Renault Vitality vs Endpoint

Heading into game four, Vitality were leading in the series and looking for their third win when Fairypeak and Kaydop came together to create a pixel perfect combination play to help secure them the match win.

Endpoint right now doing a fantastic job. Even singularity before, I thought they played strong, definitely saw the promise and a lot of their playstyles and their shooting and now Endpoint trying to do the same thing. And Kaydop already off the rip here getting his first goal!

# 1 Violent Panda, Dignitas vs TSM

Our top goal of the week came from game two of the Team Solomid Versus Dignitas match.

The Dignitas squad had displayed amazing teamwork so far in the series and an incredible 1-2-3 play saw them charge forward in the match.

Now ViolentPanda dribble, tried to play it low. Demo, popped up. Dangerous. It’s going to be Aztral to Yukeo finding the pass off the backboard. Oh he couldn’t find the touch and Violent Panda will Punish! Dignitas have the lead!

TSM would bounce to win the game in overtime, but Dignitas ground it out, winning the match 3-2.

With so many pixel perfect goals already on display in week one of competitive play, the season is shaping up to be an action packed competition that will excite fans for many more matches to come.