The best goals from NA Rocket League Championship Series week 1

Counting down the top 5 goals in North America from the opening week of RLCS Season 9.


After being delayed a week due to server issues, the first week of the Rocket League Championship Series in North America has concluded and it was an action packed weekend full of incredible goals.

Many of the opening matches went down to the wire proving how competitive the league is with several teams at an even skill level, this season is shaping up to be a real nail biter.

We’re looking at the best goals from week one of the North American RLCS.

#5 GarretG, NRG Esports vs Soniqs

In the third game, both teams were locked at 1 win each, but reigning world champions NRG were up by two goals. NRG were attempting to completely shut out Soniqs to ensure that they would win their second game of the series.

Turbo Jstn up, shot towards goal - SHocks there. Now GarrettG, looking for his second play. TurboPolsa over one, GarrettG up for it, Shock in it again - Round 2 and he does it this time! WOW! GarrettG manages just to sneak it past him.

Soniqs bounced back winning a second game of their own, but NRG closed out the series 3 to 2.

#4 Chicago, G2 vs Rogue

This match up is always a grudge match when Rogue star player Kronovi matches up against his former teammates.

G2 dominated this series from start to finish and in the third game Rogue had started mounting a come back, the score was 2-1 in Rogue's favour and the clock was running out.

Kronovi trying to hang on for dear life. Rogue and wonder charge down field and this ball might drop for JKnaps. He’s going to pick it up as G2 maybe one more opportunity. Chicago! No way! Right on target! Tied up at the last second! G2’s done it!

G2 would score again in overtime and sweep the series 3-0.

#3 Retals, Knights vs Flight

The opening game of week one between Flight and the Pittsburgh Knights was the closest series so far. Both teams were locked at 2 wins each and with the scores even, the fifth game went into overtime.

The next team to score would win the series.

Oh my goodness what an overtime. AyyJayy knocking it down but I don’t know if the Knights are really ready for this. Defenders nearly miss. Sea-Bass has the stop, or memory rather, but he’s out of boost now and doesn’t have anything. Rapid just looking to get some breathing room to fill the tanks. AyyJayy has none of it and gets it to Retals who is over the top... Can Rapid make the play? Drops it down and it’s in from Retals!

# 2 Roll Dizz, Eunited vs Cloud9

Eunited put on a complete show, dominating the series from the get go.

In the third game, Cloud9 had finally got into the series and the score was locked at 2-2 when the clock ran out. More than two minutes of overtime saw the teams fighting to gain an edge.

Both teams feeling the pressure on one attack and having to boom the ball away. Off the corner again. Down field. Squishy, cuts it off in midfield. Eunited doing a good job. Cloud9... their best play was at the end of regulation. Oh the pass, the shot! Off the crossbar! Rebound! Score for Roll Dizz and Eunited sweep Cloud9!”

#1 Arsenal, SSG vs Ghost Gaming

Top of our list forbest goals in the first week of play featured in the Ghost Gaming versus SpaceStation Gaming match.

Already up a game in the series, SpaceStation were looking for a shut out.

There is the demo play from Arsenal. That aggression that he is known for manifesting itself, but the shot! No boost from Sypical and he still makes the save! Unbelievable, and now transition, Arsenal's there... he’s got the shot! And it’s good for Arsenal! Score for SpaceStation!

Ghost would win a consolation game, but Spacestation closed out the series 3-1.

With week one in the bag, teams are now warmed up and ready to go for the rest of the season.

There is still a lot of professional Rocket League to go, so expect to see many more jaw dropping goals before this season is over.