The Players To Watch At Magic World Championships XXVI

Magic the Gathering's best-of-the-best are ready and eager to leave their mark on 2020.


Honolulu is getting ready to host Magic the Gathering's latest incarnation of the Magic World Championships XXVI, a three-day showdown beginning on February 14.

With three world champions, plus a number of pro tour and Mythic Championship winners, this event is stacked to the brim with talent with all 16 competitors in with a real shot to win it all.


England's Autumn Burchett is a trailblazer across not just Magic, but all card games and the wider world of esports.

Autumn’s biggest achievement to date has been winning the first Mythic Championship Tournament in 2019 with the Mono-Blue Tempo deck over the Japanese player Yoshihiko Ikawa’s Esper Control. Favouring the blue school of magic, Autumn is a calm and collected player whose accolades were deserving of a spot in the inaugural season of the Magic Pro League, where strong results not only secured a place in Season 2, but also earned qualification into the World Championship.

Possessing incredible skills with Tempo-focused decks, expect Autumn to make a deep run through the tournament bracket, with a great chance at taking the whole thing.


Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, known to fans as PVDDR, was inducted into the Magic: the Gathering Hall of Fame back in 2012. But the second phase of his career, almost a decade on, rivals the first with how dominant he has continued to be.

Throughout 2019 PVDDR focused his time on the Magic Pro League, as well as achieving a second-place finish at Mythic Championship 6, before following it up with a top-eight result at the Mythic Championship 7.

PVDDR has achieved almost everything there is to achieve in Magic. But the one title that eludes him? World Champion. So expect to see him give it his all as he hopes to round out a glittering career.


The Czech Ondřej Stráský was ready to retire and walk away from Magic, but after nearly winning what was supposed to be his final tournament, his competitive fire was reignited. Ondřej made it to the top four of the 2019 Mythic Invitational, losing out to the Finnish multi-game card star Savjz.

But in November of 2019, Ondřej scored the biggest win of his career when he defeated PVDDR in the grand final of the Mythic Championship 6. He earned $50,000 for his efforts.

Thrust back into the professional scene, Ondřej is committed to giving it his all and with his skills. he is able to go head-to-head with any player in the world.


World Champion? Check. Pro Tour Winner? Check. Magic Hall of Famer? Check. American Seth Manfield is a fierce competitor and after achieving so much in the Magic world, Seth is hungry for more.

An intuitive player, finding lines of play that seem flat out wrong to most onlookers, Seth makes things work to win. Known for his distinctive laugh, that is both charming and disarming, Seth is a competitor endeared to all.

Seth has the attitude of a champion and the skills to back it up, so don’t be surprised if you see him win his second World Championship title.


The Spaniard Javier Dominguez is a once-in-a-generation talent and the hottest player in Magic.

A back-to-back world finalist, Dominguez won the crown on his second attempt in 2019.

In the Magic Arena era of the game, Javier has been tearing through the competition, most recently winning the Mythic Championship 5 back in October 2019.

As the current Magic Pro League points leader, Javier is the frontrunner to win the World Championships and retain his title.

Intense card slinging battles are about to go down at the Magic World Championship XXVI, so tune in on Twitch and don’t miss any of the action.