Starcraft 2: Top of the Tier List [October 2019]

Discover what your esport pros are choosing to play.


In the world of competitive Starcraft 2, the tier list is not defined by specific units being stronger or weaker than others within a vacuum.

Instead units are judged based on their complete composition with other complimenting units and as such, we rate players based on how they craft unique compositions with a specific strategy and game plan in mind.

Recently Zerg players have gotten creative with their usage of the historically maligned building the Nydus Network - a building that players can use to transport units anywhere on the map that has a Network entrance.

When combined with the Swarm host, a slow moving unit that specialises in laying siege to enemy fortifications, the Nydus Network turns the Swarm Host into an ultra mobile unit, capable of laying siege on multiple fronts.

This strategy was expertly employed by Dark when he laid siege to TY’s base, slowly breaking down his army before overwhelming him with a smarm of units.

Across the 20 years of Starcraft history the most iconic unit has always been the Zergling. While this unit may be cute, when their numbers are great this unit becomes the backbone of all Zerg armies.

Banelings are the perfect way to compliment a Zergling army, not only because Zerglings can transform into Banelings, but also because Banelings explosions are perfect at breaking walls and forcing your opponent to split up their units, which in turn makes it easier for your Zerglings to swarm over your opponents and overrun them.

Roaches have been a core unity Zergs have employed across the various match ups throughout the life of competitive Starcraft 2.

These robust units are difficult to kill and when you have a critical mass of them are able to output a lot of damage.

The Roaches weakness is that they have a short attack range, a weakness that is mitigated when utilising their evolution form, the Ravager.

The Ravager is able to launch Corrosive bile great distances which allows this composition to units in the backline, normally far out of the reach of Roaches.

Corrosive Bile is also an ability that players target the ground with, making it excellent for zone control and forcing your opponent to move into locations they don’t want to be.

These three powerful unit compositions are sure to be key in helping you climb up the Starcraft 2 competitive Ladder.