What's In Store For Gwent Masters in 2020?

We take a look at what to expect as the witcher card game professionals get set for Season 2.


The new year brings revitalised interest for games and support from developers.

With the Witcher television series starring Henry Cavil hitting Netflix recently, there has been a renewed interest in the fantasy book series-turned-smash-hit video game, The Witcher.

The spinoff card game, Gwent has steadily been working away, updating their game and restructuring their competitive season to ensure that 2020 is finally a year of growth.

You would be forgiven if you had forgotten about this game.

It burst onto the scene in 2017 at a time when competitive card game players were frustrated with the high variance in other card games, Gwent differentiated itself by having an incredibly low variance, little to no RNG and was quickly considered a high skill game.

However, this would be short-lived, as changes made to the game increased the variance and upset the player base.

Recognising their mistake the developers went dark, announcing that they were going to rework the game and release it to the public once it was ready. At the end of 2018 developers, CD Project Red finally released the Gwent homecoming update, a complete overhaul of the title.

The game went back to its roots, removed a lot of the variance, reduced the game board down to two rows, brought leaders onto the game board and gave them unique abilities that players could use to add another layer of complexity to the game.

2019 became a year of rebuilding for Gwent, their competitive esport Masters series continued on, but the frequency of events was reduced, and after more than a year we’re still without the world masters event for the first competitive season.

That was until CD Project Red announced the World Masters tournament for March 2020, as well as a road map for the upcoming Season 2 of professional play.

Moving forwards competitive seasons will start in January and run until December of that year. Each season will consist of four open tournaments and culminate in a season final at the end of the calendar year.

Each open tournament will also have four qualifier events spanning two months, giving aspiring pro players plenty of opportunities to earn their spot in the main event.

Pro Rank makes its return in Season 2 and is achieved by top performing players on the online competitive ladder in-game. Pro Rank is global, meaning that all players will be ranked against players from other regions.

Reset at the beginning of each month, only the top 500 performing players will retain their pro status, while everyone else must climb back from rank five.

Top-performing players each month will be awarded crowns, which will be used to determine which players qualify for the end of season World Masters tournament.

Finally, in Season 2 the community will be able to enhance tournament prize pools through initiatives that will be detailed further by CD Project Red in the near future.