De Rossi Bows Out An Italian Football Legend

One of Roma's most brilliant and loyal servants appears far from finished with the game though.


The history of Italian football is dotted with brilliant players and loyal servants. It would be unfair for Daniele de Rossi not to be considered among the top tier of both categories.

Newly-retired after a brief stint with Boca Juniors, 616 appearances for Roma and 117 outings for Italy certainly make de Rossi a football legend.

Considered a hard man anchoring the midfield for club and country, de Rossi had a big heart in more ways than one:

I am saying goodbye to a club that touched my heart, and I am saying goodbye to my life, my job, my sport, my passion.

Playing for Boca was a bucket-list item for de Rossi on leaving Roma after 17 years. But just as Roma was his football family, the pull of real family back in Italy was cause enough for de Rossi to retire at age 36.

I am very happy for what has happened to me in my life. It is what I hoped for. I played for two teams that I really love.

With a desire to turn his hand to coaching, de Rossi appears far from finished with football, which makes sense for one of the game’s most brilliant and loyal servants.