Deontay Wilder's Heavy Right Hand

It's time to officially recognise the single greatest weapon in boxing history.


Is it time to officially recognise Deontay Wilder’s right hand as the single greatest weapon in boxing history?

That's one of my attributes about myself, my right hand is a monster, sometimes I scare myself, true story. True story.

It might seem crazy, but what would you rather more than the Bomber’s bomb in the annals of boxing?

Sure, Muhammad Ali’s speed and reflexes were incredible, and no one in the heavyweight division has been able to emulate the way he could evade shots to land them himself. But the older he got the slower he got, and Ali took a lot of punches he likely wouldn’t have if he had a cannon like Wilder’s.

They say speed is power, but if you have power on top of speed its. I don't know what to call my right hand anymore you know what I mean. Atomic bomb? Dynamite? The hammer of Thor?

What about something more traditional, like the left jab of Wladimir Klitschko? A jab might not seem like much but that jab, combined with an eventual bone shuddering right cross, won him 23 world heavyweight title fights - the most in history.

Like most jabs though, Dr Steelhammer’s ramrod worked over rounds and rounds, all 12 if he had to, and that’s the problem. Who wants to go 12 rounds if you don’t have to?

It's good to see 12 round fighters with skill and some will. But nobody wants to really sit in their seat for 12 rounds. You want to see somebody's brain get knocked out of their head and I'm literally trying to do that.

People want to see champs with weapons that equalise opponents. They want to see Mike Tyson reefing up that murderous uppercut. They want to see Rocky Marciano throwing that right hook he called Suzie Q. They want to see Joe Frazier firing that relentless left hook over and over and over, but you need to get in close to land those and that means eating punches.

Better to have weapons like Sonny Liston’s. His impossibly long left jab hit as hard anyone else’s right hand, and his right hand hit even harder no matter how he threw it.

Better to have power like “Big” George Foreman, who let his clubbing fists fly from so far out they could have racked up frequent flyer miles. Its weapons like those that every fighter wants, but even then Deontay Wilder’s right hand comes out of nowhere, it’s lightning quick, he only needs to land once, and it doesn’t even need to hit clean. 42 wins with 41 knockouts, There’s been nothing like it.

They're all running from me, they're all scared of me. I'm the only heavyweight in the division with knockout power. I've shown you that over and over and over again.

His knockout ratio leaves every fighter in history, heavyweight or not, in the dust, he’s doing it in title fights, and it’s all because of his right hand - arguably the greatest weapon in boxing history.