Jurgen Klinsmann's Hertha Call of Duty

Strong ties sees the German great return to the Bundesliga to help save Hertha.


It is not so much a sense of duty that took Jurgen Klinsmann to Hertha Berlin as interim manager, but it is close.

In charge until the end of the season, Klinsmann remains one of German football’s biggest names.

Indeed, there was no logical reason for Klinsmann, who has also been the manager of Germany, Bayern Munich and the United States, to take this job. But Klinsmann has strong ties to Hertha: his father was a fan; Klinsmann’s son had a spell at the club, and he has friendships with those in charge.

So, simply, the short-term opportunity was too good to ignore:

When I do something, it doesn't matter what, I do it. I think it's a very, very exciting task to be allowed to help here at Hertha, with this project in Berlin.

One main plank of the project for Klinsmann is to get Hertha playing its best football more consistently to get away from the Bundesliga relegation places.

The 12 Bundesliga games pre-Klinsmann have been three blocks of contrasting results - winless in four, unbeaten in four, losing four straight - to underline its problem.

You set targets. But the most important thing is to climb the table as fast as possible. One step at a time.

One step at a time is the only way to go to help Jurgen Klinsmann fulfil what may have been his sense of duty to Hertha Berlin.