Time for Arsenal to start winning under Mikel Arteta

A mediocre Gunners' season season has developed the look and feel of a transitional period.


Given the circumstances and results, this season has developed the look and feel of a transitional period for Arsenal.

From Unai Emery to Freddie Ljungberg to Mike Arteta, the Gunners have had three managers through 25 Premier League games to be 10th on the table.

It would be easy to fall back on the notion of a transitional season, but there is also a strong realisation Arsenal must win now.

Hector Bellerin, Arsenal Defender:

For us, it has to be now. You know, this is our goal. Arsenal are a team that has to be at the top always, or has always been. And, you know, in football, there's always like in life, there's always ups and downs. But for us, our job is to make this low, you know, go off as quick as possible.

The Premier League season has not been so much a low for Arsenal as it has been a mediocre depression.

After winning four of 13 Premier League games under Emery, Arsenal struggled as Ljungberg filled the void before Arteta arrived, losing only once in seven outings.

That said, Arsenal only has one Premier League win under Arteta, drawing five in a sign of consolidation and slowly implementing change.

Hector Bellerin, Arsenal Defender:

From the few games that we've played, you can see from the inside and outside of the pitch that things are changing … I think every game we're getting better. The idea is every day more clear, and I think people are enjoying watching us more every day.

While there might be improvement to the discerning eye, the greatest changes for Arsenal must be in its Premier League results.

Quite simply, to avoid an entire season of transition from one manager to another, Arsenal must win now.