Why Kepa Arrizabalaga Must Keep Better For Chelsea

The latest run of poor performances in-goal is beginning to define Chelsea's top 4 ambitions.


The value of a consistent, top-line goalkeeper can never be underestimated, usually proving the difference between winning and losing.

So it is that Chelsea fans may be concerned about the form of goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga and some questionable performances - a concern that manager Frank Lampard is well aware of:

I know there's a focus on the minute. I think that's top-line football. People will look at you and that's when you stand up and show the mettle that you've got.

The concerns about Kepa are shown in his stats, conceding 43 goals from 31 outings in all competitions, while keeping just six clean sheets. That works out at Kepa allowing almost 1.4 goals per game, 10th among Premier League goalkeepers with 20 or more outings in all competitions.

Giving Kepa’s form more focus is the fact Chelsea has lost six of its past 12 Premier League games, and is perhaps losing its grip on a Champions League spot.

I know and we know that there should be another 10 points on the board, at least, on performance. So, all of us need to look at those finer details.

The finer details, when recognised and executed, can make a difference.

Just as top-line goalkeepers like Kepa Arrizabalaga can be the difference between gaining or dropping precious points.