Zlatan Ibrahimovic Needs More Than Words on AC Milan Return

The big-talking Swede needs to produce goals to have any impact back in the Rossoneri.


As the goals piled up at PSG, Manchester United and LA Galaxy, the myth of Zlatan Ibrahimovic began to grow bigger than the man.

As the goals went in, the outrageous and entertaining statements came out:

I shine 24 hours. So, it depends on how you want me to shine.

I came like a king, I left like a legend.

The fans were demanding something and I gave them Zlatan.

I said I would do a better job than them because they are too busy making selfies.

I've done good things, amazing things and perfect things.

I think I am the best ever to play in MLS.

According to the Ibrahimovic code, that is the striker keeping things real.

That is Ibrahimovic in front of the microphones and the cameras. But having returned to AC Milan and Serie A at age 38, the only place where Ibrahimovic absolutely must perform is on the pitch. While Ibrahimovic landed in Milan to a hero’s welcome, all that matters to the discerning and critical fans, well ahead of soundbites, is scoring goals.

I'm not here because I am Ibrahimovic. I'm here to start from scratch and get results. I am like everybody else. What I did before does not matter. It is about what I do now.

During a career that has spanned nine clubs across six countries, Ibrahimovic has scored 474 goals in 789 appearances. But Italy and AC Milan have always been his soft spot. After spells at Juventus and Inter, Ibrahimovic joined Milan from Barcelona and did not disappoint, hitting 56 goals before going to PSG.

AC Milan is like home for me. When I came here after Barcelona I always said Milan gave me back the joy of playing football. I hope I can give something back.

Alas, the Milan of 2019-20 is far different from the Milan he left at the end of the 2011-12 season.

After winning the 2010-11 Serie A title, Milan finished second in 2011-12 but has not been close since. In fact, Milan is 12th on the Serie A table after 18 games, closer to the relegation places than a Champions League spot.

I always said that the goal is not a 100-metre sprint. The goal is the marathon. I always believe I can do something and I can give my all and that is why I am here.

There is no question AC Milan needs help and there is no doubt Ibrahimovic is willing to provide it.

While the myth may have grown bigger than the man, now is the time for goals to replace the outrageous and entertaining statements and do the talking for Zlatan Ibrahimovic.