Korea has always been dominant at Tekken 7, with players like Knee, Ulsan, JDCR and Jeonnding who are all incredible players, there is little wonder why.

But there is another Korean player, someone who rarely falls outside of the top 8 at every tournament.

He’s an EVO champion and one of the best players on the planet.

His name is LowHigh.

At only 27 years old, LowHigh has been around the professional scene for several years now. He is an incredible competitor whose playstyle relies on strong fundamentals to out pressure his opponents, because of this LowHigh favours characters like Shaheen and Law.

In 2018, LowHigh was picked up by Fursan Esports to represent them during the Tekken World Tour. It was a successful campaign for LowHigh, winning an EVO Championship,

Though he did manage to lose his medal on his way home.

LowHigh finished the season ranked inside the top 8 globally, but stumbled at the world tour finals when he failed to make it out of the group stage.

At the end of 2018, LowHigh joined the FGC focused organisation U.Y.U for the 2019 season.

U.Y.U supports top tier players from a myriad of fighting games and is considered one of the best on the scene. LowHigh’s first stop on the 2019 Tekken World Tour was in Lyon France for the Mix up where he finished in a respectable 3rd place.

A three-week break back home saw him take second at the RoxNRoll Korea tournament.

LowHigh then travelled to St Charles Illinois for Combo Breaker and after a disappointing loss to Knee, he finished in 5th place.

In July, LowHigh was in Birmingham, giving it his all at Versus Fighting 2019. Once again he matched up against Knee, but this time it went all the way down to the wire.

Las Vegas was his next stop, and as the returning champion, LowHigh was in perfect form. But a shock loss to the Japanese player Nobi abruptly ended his tournament run.

His next Masters tournament was nearly two months later when he travelled to Manilla in the Philippines for the REV Major.

The REV Major is a special tournament for LowhHigh, he dominated the competition here in 2018 and was looking to do the same this time around. He went completely undefeated through the first phase of the competition, only losing his first match against the Japanese competitor Gen in the winners' bracket semifinals. In the losers bracket, he steamrolled through top tier competitors. Channel fell 2-0.

The panda master Rangchu put up more of a fight, taking a game off LowHigh, but would eventually lose 2 to 1. In the losers finals, he had a rematch against Gen, quickly dismantling him 3 games to 1.

Waiting for him in the grand finals was Nobi and this time LowHigh was itching to get revenge for his shock loss at EVO. He quickly reset the bracket 3 games to 1 before completely pulverising Nobi in the final match.

LowHigh was back in form, proving that he still has what it takes to win major tournaments.

A disappointing 17th place finish at the Tokyo Tekken Masters tournament was followed up by a solid 4th place finish at RoxNRoll Dubai, giving him enough points to finish as the 3rd ranked player globally, guaranteeing him a spot in the Tekken World Tour Finals.

In December, LowHigh travelled to Bangkok Thailand in search of the one major title that still eluded him - World Tour Champion.

In group D, LowHigh qualified as the second seed with only a single loss to Nobi. But in the knockout stage, he was matched up against his fellow Korean competitor, Ulsan.

The match was intense, both players trading rounds and games until they found themselves on the final round of the final game.

Knocked out of the tournament, LowHigh finished in a respectable 7th place, though this was far lower than a player of his capabilities should have achieved.

We’re on the verge of the 2020 season starting.

The circuit is packed full of incredible top tier competitors and LowHigh is among the most talented, time will tell if this is the year he rises to the very top of the Tekken world.